2 March 2017

Word Power -Worksheet 1

Word Power 1

     creative                     athletic                  independent            adventurous                 boring
     intelligent                   exciting                 fun                              interesting                    friendly
     nerdy                          old-fashioned      dangerous                truthful                           loving

Write the most appropriate word to complete the sentence. Choose your answer from the words above.

1. My mother is a _____________________ parent. She loves everyone of us in the family.

2. Ali is not so ______________________. He doesn’t like to meet people and make friends.

3. My history class is very ______________________.  Everyone   is not listening.

4. She doesn’t like a man who always tells lies. She wants a _______________________ person.

5. The lesson in class is very ________________________ that all the students are very interested about it.

6. Ahmad’s brother is an _____________________ young man. He likes to do extreme sports like sky diving, bungee jumping, and the like.

7.  He wants to be _________________________ from his parents, so he looks for a job to support himself.

8. Playing video games  is such a ____________________ thing to do with your friends. You will really enjoy it.

9. Driving so fast in the highway is very ________________________.  A lot of people have car accidents that lead to a number of deaths.

10. My father  is very _______________________. He still prefers writing letter than sending emails.

11. The football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid is very __________________________ .  People in the stadium are very entertained.

12. Mohammad looks very _______________________. I guess he always goes to the gym and different sports.

13. His cousin is a very __________________________ web designer. He designs a lot of famous websites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.

14. My nephew is the most ______________________ student in his class. He always gets the highest score in every exam he takes.

15. No one wants to be friend with Sarah. She always prefers to be with her book, so everyone thinks she kind of _____________________.

Answer the question in complete sentence.

1. Is your English class  boring or interesting?
2.  Are you independent from your parents?
3. What is an exciting game do you play?
4. Do you think you are friendly? Why or why not?
5. What is an independent person?