3 November 2013

Common Phrases and Expressions used by the native English speakers!

Here are a few common phrases and expressions used by native speakers of English in their everyday speech.

1. to wolf something down - to eat something quickly
Example: He wolfed down the  sandwich on the table.

2. gotta -  to have to/to need to (short form of gave got to)
Example: Hey, I gotta go now.

3.  to go (expression used where food is sold) -  to carry out/to take out                    with you
Example: I’d like my cheeseburgers to go, please.

4. sick (when used to describe a person's mind or an event) -  strange                or perverted
Example: "That person is sick!"

5.  What's up? -  a very casual way to say "Hi" or "How are you?" 
                             or "What is happening here?"
Example: What’s up man?

6. handy - very useful, very industrious, or able to fix things himself
Example: Jennifer is very handy around the house."

7.  to catch a taxi / cab to hail a cab/taxi -  to get a taxi / cab
Example: "Let's catch a taxi to the restaurant."

8. to catch a TV show/newstory/conversation - to hear or see                                                                                                         something
Example: "Did you catch the news last night?"

9. to kill someone -  to be very mad with someone
Example: I’m going to kill him when I see him.

10.  "Whatever floats your boat." - whatever pleases you
Example: Go ahead, whatever floats your boat.

11.  shaky/sketchy - unsafe, unclear
Examples: That place is a bit shaky / sketchy.
                   My boss gives me a sketchy direction about my job today. I                      don’t what to do exactly.

12. "I'm outta here" (I am out of here) = I am leaving now,

13. to double-check  to re-check or verify
Example: I need to double – check my account!

14. "You gotta be kidding me." - "You must be joking." OR "What you                                                                    are saying cannot be true."

 15. gonna (pronounced like "gunna) -  going to ....
Example: I’m gonna do my laundry after work today.

Hope this post helps you a bit! Have fun learning!