23 December 2014

IELTS Speaking Questions Part 2 & 3 ( March 2014)

The following sets of questions are based from the IELTS exams taken by the examinees from different parts of the world. Practice answering these questions within the given time for each part. In Part 2, you have 1 minute to prepare and organize your thoughts and 2 minutes to deliver your answer. In Part 3, you have to answer the follow up questions directly and it allows you to have at least a minute to answer each question.

IELTS Speaking Test in the UK

Part 2:
Talk about a person who is very intelligent in your view. Please say
- What does he/she do?
- Why do you think the person is intelligent?
- What do you like the most about him/her?
Part 3:
- Who is considered to be intelligent in your view?
- What assessment method would be the best to assess teachers?
- How do you see a good teacher-student relationship?
- What kind of communication should be there between parents and teachers?
- Do you think parents take part in children’s education these days?
- Does every parent face the same situations with their kids?

IELTS Speaking Test in the Egypt

Part 2:
Talk about an elderly person that you know. Please say
- How often do you meet with him/her?
- When and where do you meet?
- What topics do you discuss?
Part 3:
- Do you have a lot of free time?
- Do you have more free time now compared to the past?
- What do you like to do in your free time?
- Do you spend more or less time with your family now compared to the past?

IELTS Speaking Test in Ghana

Part 2:
Describe a popular comedy artist in your country. Please say
- Where did you first see the person?
- Why do you like this person?
- How long have you known him/her?
Part 3:
- Are there any other comedy artists in your country?
- Why do you think children like going to circus?
- What kind of games do children enjoy the most?
- Should children’s games be always educational?

IELTS Speaking Test in Indonesia

Par t 2:
Talk about a tourist attraction that you have visited recently. Please say
- What was it?
- When and where was it?
- How did you feel after the visit?
Part 3:
- What are the famous tourist attractions in your country?
- What activities did you and your friends do as kids?
- What activities do children like to do nowadays?

IELTS Speaking Test in Australia and the Philippines

Part 2:
Talk about a statue or a sculpture that you have seen. Please say
- What statue/sculpture is it?
- Where is it located?
- When did you see it for the first time?
Part 3:
- Why do people go to museums?
- Why do some people pay lots of money for paintings?
- Do you think artists are paid enough?
- Should governments pay the artists?
- What factor can make even a piece of paper valuable?

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