19 January 2015

IELTS Speaking Questions Part 2 & 3 (May 2014)

The following sets of questions are based from the IELTS exams taken by the examinees from different parts of the world. Practice answering these questions within the given time for each part. In Part 2, you have 1 minute to prepare and organize your thoughts and 2 minutes to deliver your answer. In Part 3, you have to answer the follow up questions directly and it allows you to have at least a minute to answer each question.
IELTS Speaking Test in Italy

Part 2:
Describe your first mobile phone. Please say
- How old were you when you got it?
- When and why did you buy it?
- How did you feel when you first got it?
Part 3:
- Do you like having a mobile phone?
- Is it a good or a bad thing to have a mobile phone? Why?
- What can you do with a mobile phone?
- Do old and young people use mobile phones in the same way?
- What can be done to avoid children getting inattentive in class?

IELTS Speaking Test in the UK and Sri Lanka

Part 2:
Describe a beautiful garden that you have visited. Please say
- What garden is it?
- When did you visit it?
- What did you do there?
Part 3:
- Do you think more places on earth should be green? Why?
- Do you think gardens are destroyed for the purpose of building new apartments?
- Do you go to nature parks a lot?
- Why do you do it?

IELTS Speaking Test in Ecuador and Kazakhstan

Part 2:
Describe a book that you have recently read. Please say
- What was the name of the book?
- What was the book about?
- Do you think it was interesting? Why?
Part 3:
- What do you think about being famous?
- How do you think the family members of a famous person feel?
- How can it affect them? Why?

IELTS Speaking Test in Nigeria and India

Part 2:
Talk about a film that you have watched and did not like. Please say
- What was the name of that film?
- Where and when did you watch it?
- What exactly didn’t you like about it? Why?
Part 3:
- Is it better to watch films at home or outside? Why?
- What other forms of entertainment do you like?
- What other things do you think people do in their leisure time?
- Do you like to play computer games?
- What advantage do computer games have over other games? Why?
- What games do you know that can be played on a computer?

IELTS Speaking Test in Georgia

Part 2:
Describe a situation when you forgot something important. Please say
- Where was it?
- What did you forget?
- Why did you forget it?
- How did you feel about it?
Part 3:
- Do you think memorizing things is important? Why?
- Why do some people remember things better than others?
- Do you think we memorize things differently now compared to the past?

- Do you have a system how to remember things?

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