23 December 2014

IELTS Speaking Questions Part 2 & 3 ( February 2014)

The following sets of questions are based from the IELTS exams taken by the examinees from different parts of the world. Practice answering these questions within the given time for each part. In Part 2, you have 1 minute to prepare and organize your thoughts and 2 minutes to deliver your answer. In Part 3, you have to answer the follow up questions directly and it allows you to have at least a minute to answer each question.

IELTS Speaking Test in the Philippines

Part 2:
Describe a thing you can’t live without (except cell phone and computer). Please say
- What is it?
- Explain why it is important to you.
- How long do you have it with you?
Part 3:
- What do you say about children that bring their favorite toy wherever they go, even to the dining table?
- How would you compare family ties of today with the past?
- What can you say about people falling in line just to buy the latest gadget available on the market like the iPhone?

IELTS Speaking Test in Italy

Part 2:
Talk about a place near water that you visited, please say:
- When did you go there?
- With whom did you go?
- Why did you go there?
- How did you feel after that?
Part 3:
- What happens when we spoil the water?
- What problem do we face when we don’t have pure water?
- Is swimming important for everyone?
- What age is right for learning how to swim?
- What type of games related to water are famous in your country?

IELTS Speaking Test in Indonesia

Part 2:
Talk about a TV program that you have watched and liked. Please say
- What is it about?
- When did you watch it?
- What do you like or dislike about this TV program?
Part 3:
- What TV program is popular in your country?
- Do children watch this TV program also?
- Is it a local production or cable TV program?
- Do TV stations in your country make programs for children too?
- Do you think that cable TV is expensive in your country?
- What do you think about children’s programs on cable TV?
- Are they more interesting or not compared to the local channels? Why?

IELTS Speaking Test in Japan & Australia

Part 2:
Talk about your favourite website. Please say
- What website is it?
- How did you find it?
- Describe the website.
- How easy is it to use this website?
Part 3:
- Have you told your friends about it?
- Do they like/use it too?
- What is so special about this website?

IELTS Speaking Test in Romania and the UAE

Part 2:
Talk about a friend that you haven’t seen for a long time. Please say
- Who is this person?
- Why haven’t you seen each other for so long?
- How did you feel when you met?
Part 3:
- Why could friendships break up?
- Is it important to keep in touch with old friends? Why?
- How can you make international friends?
- Is it difficult? Why?

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