20 January 2015

IELTS Speaking Questions Part 2 & 3 (August 2014)

The following sets of questions are based from the IELTS exams taken by the examinees from different parts of the world. Practice answering these questions within the given time for each part. In Part 2, you have 1 minute to prepare and organize your thoughts and 2 minutes to deliver your answer. In Part 3, you have to answer the follow up questions directly and it allows you to have at least a minute to answer each question.

IELTS Speaking Test in Saudi Arabia

Part 2:
Talk about a time that you have spent away from home. Please say
- Where did you spend it?
- How long were you away?
- Did you like it there? Why?
- How did you feel about being away from home?
Part 3:
- Describe the hospitality industry in your hometown.
- How does the hospitality industry affect your country in general?
- Do you think the hospitality industry should be regulated or not?

 IELTS Speaking Test in Pakistan

Part 2:
Describe a gift that you have received as a child. Please say
- What was the gift?
- When did you receive it?
- Do you still have it? Why?
Part 3:
- Do you think boys and girls will prefer different gifts?
- What is the reason behind this?
- Is it an innate or an acquired behaviour, in your view?

IELTS Speaking Test in Iran

Part 2:
Talk about an object you have bought recently, that you did not use. Please say
- What is it?
- When and where did you buy it?
- Why did you buy it?
- Explain why you did not use it.
Part 3:
- What do you think about advertisements?
- Are they effective?
- Are they useful for people?
- Can you compare advertisements on TV and in magazines?
- Is the difference only in extent of the audience?
- Are their methods always ethical?

 IELTS Speaking Test in Japan

Part 2:
Talk about a friend that you had during your school days. Please say
- Who was he/she?
- How did you become friends?
- What did you two talk about?
- Why was he/she interesting to you?
Part 3:
- When did you last see your friend?
- What is the importance of friends?
- Would you like to have a few very good friends or a lot of just friends?
- If you had a problem, would you go to your friends or family? Why?

IELTS Speaking Test in Jamaica

Part 2:
Talk about someone who has an interesting job. Please say
- Who is this person?
- What does he/she do?
- Why do you like this person?
Part 3:
- Do you prefer a part time or full time job?
- What do most people do in your country?
- Why do some companies invest in educated employees by offering them high salaries?

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