22 December 2014

IELTS Speaking Questions Part 2 & 3 (January 2014)

The following sets of questions are based from the IELTS exams taken by the examinees from different parts of the world. Practice answering these questions within the given time for each part. In Part 2, you have 1 minute to prepare and organize your thoughts and 2 minutes to deliver your answer. In Part 3, you have to answer the follow up questions directly and it allows you to have at least a minute to answer each question.

IELTS Speaking Test in India 

Part 2:
Talk about a situation when you saved some money. Please say
- What was the reason?
- How long did it take to save this money?
- Who helped you with saving it?
Part 3:
- Do you think nowadays youth believe in saving money?
- Are women better at saving money than men?
- Do you save money? Why?

IELTS Speaking Test in Sri Lanka

Part 2:
Talk about a house/apartment that you have visited recently and liked. Please say
- Whose house/apartment was it?
- Where is it located?
- Why did you like it so much?
Part 3:
- Do you think the government spends a lot of taxpayers’ money to repair old buildings in your country?
- Is it good or bad in your opinion?

IELTS Speaking Test in Bulgaria

Part 2:
Describe a club, a group or a course that you attended. Please say
- What was it?
- Where did it take place?
- With whom did you go there?
Part 3:
- Tell me about a different kind of groups.
- What kind of groups are there in your country?
- Are there any kind of groups which differs from other groups in your country?

IELTS Speaking Test in Australia

Part 2:
Talk about a book that you have read recently. Please say
- What book was it?
- What was it about?
- Why was it interesting?
- Did you enjoy reading it?
Part 3:
- Is reading still popular now compared to the past?
- Will reading be popular in the future?
- What is more important: a movie or a book?
- How do movies influence people?

IELTS Speaking Test in Michigan, USA

Part 2:
Talk about a garden you have visited recently. Please say
- Where is it located?
- When did you visit this garden?
- What did you do there?
- What was the most interesting thing about this garden?
Part 3:
- Do you think people should have their own gardens at home?
- What are the benefits in your view?
- Some people grow vegetables by themselves, why do they do it?
- Do people grow vegetables at home in your country?
- Do you think gardening habits have changed compared to the past?
- Why don’t people grow their own vegetable in cities?